illumina®& Ion Torrent测序

NGS Library Prep Kits for Illumina®& Ion Torrent测序

高质量的库制备是下一代测序(NGS)的关键步骤。PerkinElmer提供了完整的NGS图书馆准备套件和条形码组合,旨在提高Illumina图书馆准备的灵敏度,灵活性和速度®和离子洪流sequencing platforms. We have focused our attention on increasing enzymatic efficiency in our next generation sequencing library prep kits to cater to the customer’s need for a cost effective solution to achieve robust, reproducible, high-quality sequencing results every time.

完全自动化的我们的图书馆预备套件可用于高吞吐量需求,而手动版本满足较低吞吐量的需求。满足高吞吐量客户的需求,NextFlex®试剂也可以提供in bulk quantities and custom formats.

///// Our library prep kits are optimized to simplify the following applications:

  • NGS适配器|Barcoded adapters for all of your NGS multiplexing needs

  • 小RNA-SEQ|Gene silencing and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression can be investigated by small RNA-seq, which allows for the profiling of all of the small RNA and miRNA present in samples

  • RNA-SEQ.|分析给定细胞或细胞群中RNA的表达水平分析

  • DNA-SEQ.|Library prep kits for whole genome sequencing and kits designed to be used with Agilent or Roche target enrichment baits

  • 有针对性的测序|Targeted resequencing for a highly targeted approach that analyzes specific genomic regions such as amplicon panels and complete hybrid-capture solutions

  • 16S和18S rRNA测序|16S and 18S ITS rRNA sequencing used to identify and compare bacteria or fungi present within an environmental sample.

  • 全基因组扩增|Amplification of DNA from single cells and other limited DNA templates for NGS and other applications

  • 预筛基因测试|Aneuploidy detection of preimplantation embryos



nextFlex.小RNA-SEQwith UDIs


nextFlex.®Unique Dual Index barcoded adapters(UDIS)用于测序Illumina®platforms provide enhanced data security by drastically increasing the multiplexing capacity while reducing costs by allowing users to pool multiple libraries onto a single flow cell lane, all while mitigating index hopping. ThenextFlex.®small RNA-seq v3 automation kit with UDIsincorporates a new dimension of data quality, integrity, and accuracy with the popular randomized adapter technology for reduced small RNA ligation bias to offer a complete and automated solution on the PerkinElmer workstation. Up to 192 UDI barcoded primers are available for users who want to confidently increase their multiplexing capacity on the Illumina®Miseq.®Hiseq.®2000/2500, and NovaSeq®platforms for small RNA sequencing applications.


Automated DNA Library Prep for Sequencing on Illumina®平台

nextFlex.®快速XP DNA-SEQ套件将酶促碎片与末端修复和尾翼结合在一起,在一个反应​​中形成高效的文库生成第一步。导致DNA-SEQ库显示一致的图书馆尺寸,高产量,低GC - 偏置和高覆盖率。套件中包含所有必需的碎片,图书馆准备和磁珠的清洁剂,该套件包括捆绑在一起nextFlex.®barcodeof choice. This DNA-seq library prep kit accommodates a range of sample inputs from 1 ng to 1 µg to generate high-quality libraries for Illumina®测序。用于自动化的预镀试剂现在可以使用一次性使用Unique Dual Index barcodes(UDIs) for an even simpler adoption experience on the PerkinElmer workstations.


Start your Preimplantation Genetic Testing with the Right DNA Amplification

Genomic analysis platforms require at least 1 ng of DNA and single cells contain only 6 pg of genomic DNA.Whole genome amplification用于复制完整基因组以产生足够的DNA进行分析。对单细胞数据的准确解释依赖于全基因组扩增以综合和可靠地扩增基因组的能力。该doplify.®kithas been optimized specifically for single cell whole genome amplification. The kit is suited not just to single cells but to any low template sample, including cell free DNA and small numbers of cells.


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.